Changing the Script: Acessing Our Higher Spiritual Vibration

We recently entered the 6th Day (Sept 5-22, 2011) and a new period of Light on the current Mayan calendar cycle.  As we chug along towards whatever is coming for our planet as we get closer to some kind of “shift”, we see more and more people seeking advice from Angels, Spirit Guides, and other higher dimensional beings.  While this is a wonderful thing that can bring great healing and upliftment, it is very often being done in lieu of using our own considerable powers to help ourselves.

A great reason for this lack of self-reliance is that most flesh and blood people regard their own corporal condition as evidence of far lower spiritual status.  Their earthbound condition leads them to assume they can only personally possess a commensurately dismal level of whatever “good stuff” might be out there in the higher vibrational planes.  This is because of a lack of understanding about who and what we are while wearing this lower vibrational mantle, our physical body.  It is merely our costume for this incarnation.

At our spiritual core, all of us here on this Earth are higher dimensional beings, for those are the planes on which our essence came into Original Being.  From the standpoint of Soul, we are not from this 3rd-Dimensional world in which we live, but have come here into lower vibration in order to learn and grow spiritually at the accelerated rate that it affords while taking part in a grand experiment for our mutual benefit.  Many refer to being incarnated onto this planet as attending “Earth School”, where we take life lesson subjects like “Learning to Accept Love 101,” “All Things Gratitude,” “Letting Go of Fear 200,” or “Intro to Enduring Poverty”.  Whatever our chosen spiritual “major,” it seems evident that most of us are minoring in Theater, taking part in an ongoing production of a drama entitled “Human Life Together”.

In the very beginning, the intent of the play was for all of us to learn valuable spiritual lessons through our participation on Earth, gaining experience and wisdom through a polarized trial and error process of right and wrong, good and bad, spiritual and material, generosity and greed, compassion and complacency, life and death.  The dénouement was for us to become more, not less, spiritually attuned and create Heaven here on Earth.  A generous “Free Will” clause was added into our tuition contracts that allowed us to custom tailor our drama curriculum.  While the script of our passion play was originally written by the most spiritually brilliant author and is lovingly directed from the back of the theater by Creation, the action has been continually and consensually altered by the collective unconscious of the actors’ guild we call “humanity”.

That brings us to where we are now…  Imagine being part of a theater company that has been engaged in putting on a production of the same play every night of the week for many, many years.  There is a current version of the script to be followed.  Everyone has to recite their lines correctly, stand on their marks, and react appropriately to the dialogue of the other characters in order for things to go smoothly.  We act out going to work, being a family, and loving our children.  We also portray soldiers at war, corrupt politicians in scandal, and social misfits.  Otherwise, the action would come to an awkward, dead-air stop.  For the actors to begin ad libbing, going out of character, refusing to say their lines, or (heaven forbid)walking off the stage in a fit of enlightened pique would throw everything into chaos, or worse yet, unpredictable change.

Over time, life’s polarities have separated most of the acting company from our spiritual roots and we come to enjoy the familiarity of assumed low vibrational roles.  The trouble with making the script (and hence the play) once again more spiritual for all of us together is that it’s really hard to get the consensus of enough of our fellow thespians to do so.  Many of us like the play just the way it is and are fighting tooth and nail to keep it from changing—at ALL.  For some, their habitually rote and lazily comfortable parts have become all they care to know and they are lulled by the illusion of thinking they can tell how it’s all going to turn out by the final curtain call; i.e., the same way it was yesterday.  It’s not.

Tenaciously, society holds on to the usual old production.  Instead of stopping the play and resetting ourselves to something spiritually healthier, we continue to bumble and stumble in a “show-must-go-on” effort to keep things the same, and our daily performances persist.  We’ve gotten too attached to the painted scenery and props, and believe that the stage money is really worth something.  We’ve romanticized the importance of our acting careers and been sucked in by the fame, glamour, and attention of being on stage.

The trouble is that the Director of All Things and the stage crew (Mother Earth, Nature, the Planets, etc.) are dismantling the very set that we are acting upon.  The scenery is sliding and the props are crumbling as we move closer to 2012, preventing the dialogue and action from continuing as we earthbound actors have assumed they always would.  Still, we’re just not ready to close the show.

The most unfortunate bit of it all is that most of us have come to identify far too closely with the 3rd-Dimensional characters we play.  For so long have we flawlessly played our chosen mortal roles that we think we actually are Willy Loman in “Death of a Salesman” or Stella in “A Streetcar Named Desire” and stay in character all of the time.  We’ve forgotten our true, higher dimensional nature and the fact that we still have access to it.  We’ve come to believe that the stage is our home and the play, our life.

With all of the New Age talk about raising our vibrations, what seems to be most often forgotten is that we each started out at a very high vibration when our Soul was created.  We were One with God, the highest vibration in Creation.  We slowed ourselves down in order to come here to Theater School and got so wrapped up in the experience that molasses vibrates faster than many of us now do.  People talk about elevating our vibratory rate like it’s a totally new venture for us when it is in fact more of a return to our natural order.

That’s what “The Shift” is all about, each of us beginning to head back along the way we came in the eons since we left the side of God.  The grand experiment of seeing just how far away we can get from The Creator has ended.  It had a good run and we’ve learned buckets from the venture, but the old theater has gone dark.  It was officially closed by Spirit with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  Remarkably, earthly players are continuing the production on an unlit stage as if nothing has happened.  The good news is that we can remember our higher frequency and allow it to regenerate.  It starts with the recognition of our longstanding acting career and seeking to remember the day we left for school.  That starts with turning our attention to doing it.

I recently had a conversation with a Spiritualist medium and practicing hypnotist who teaches classes about past lives and the time we spend on the Spirit Side in between them.  In our conversation, he mentioned that he often took people back to when all of the Souls were still with God, as a reminder of our spiritual origins.  I mentioned that I had clear recollections of that time.  His eyebrows went up.

I told him that I didn’t remember it as if I was there—not the way I often remembered distant places or events like the house I moved from when I was five or a special birthday, but had a definite feeling and psychic awareness of it that had come to me in pieces over time.  I told him that our departure was an all-or-none group decision and that while wanting to stay, I knew it was for our highest good to venture out on our own.  I reminisced about the grief and terror I had felt from the parting then and since, and the fact that I was aware of my longing for my eventual return since I was young.  I was tired of theater.

The hypnotist seemed a bit surprised at this revelation.  I likened remembering it to the experience of recognizing my wife, Kate, as my Twin Flame Soul mate when we first met.  I just knew it and accepted it without being able to understand it or know why I knew.  “Do you remember the moment of separation—what it felt like?” he asked.  I replied that I recognized that I had a sense of the “before and after” of it but not the actual tick of the Creational clock itself.  I told him that I had never really thought about that aspect of the experience before, and he asked me if I could turn my attention to it.

I gently reminded myself to just go to that very moment when I left God, without needing to know how I’d get there.  Feelings and impressions immediately floated up into my awareness and I let the description come out of me without rational interference:  “There was a kind of stretching sensation at first.  Then there was a bit of a ‘pop’ in a way,” I said, looking for words to describe what I was getting.  “Then it felt like when you are startled out of a dream into standing wakefulness, only parts of you are still in groggy sleep.  I could feel a sense of movement, too… but it’s fuzzy.”  “You were disoriented?” he suggested.  “Yes, it was disorienting,” I replied, “Being with God was all I had ever known.  Then that was gone and I was left with, um… this.”

I wasn’t at all surprised that I could remember, but just a bit at what I did.  It wasn’t at all hard to do.  I only needed to allow it happen and accept what I received.  Spending the last twelve or so years of my life gingerly exploring the edges of my expanding higher consciousness by peering into the vast universe that is my own Being had returned me to it. (OK.  Some days I seemed only half-vast. <wink>)  Through meditation, healing sessions, trance work, ceremony, dreams, transmissions from Spirit, and yes, talking telepathically with higher spiritual beings I have recognized that much of my totality—energy and consciousness, reside elsewhere and here at the same time.

The aggregate of what I AM (or You Are) is not all here on this Earth with our current character actor bodies but spread over time, space, and many dimensions.  This is no longer theoretical to me because I sense it and work with it.  The challenge is in accessing those higher parts of ourselves while grappling with the bonds of 3rd-Dimensional thought and a 3rd-Dimensional understanding of the physical Universe.  To do so, we have to leave the stage through the open door of possibility.  We have to wonder.  We have to trust our higher perceptions and believe in what we start to remember about ourselves no matter what we’ve been told or by whom.

It is in that same way that we can each learn to take part in the ongoing human stage production without being hypnotized into believing in its ultimate “realness”.  We can learn the lessons and move on without getting mired in the drama or fighting over control of the stage.  The Evolution of Creation is increasingly supplying opportunities for us to experience our multi-dimensional nature these days as it raises the vibration of all things, thinning the veil between this world and what lies beyond.

By repeatedly turning our attention to and calling on the part(s) of us that still and concurrently reside in the Higher Dimensions (your Soul for instance) we can shed the self-limiting roles we have been playing, abandon the old script, and move on to spiritual improvisation.  We can begin to not only tune in to our higher abilities and multi-dimensional nature, but also get glimpses of the big pictures of where we have come from and what Creation has in store for us.  It’ll be a whole new kind of play.  The curtain is rising.

About Brad Silberberg

Brad Silberberg, director of The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) is an artist, holistic healer, spiritual leader, and change agent.
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