Am I Crazy, or Has the World Gone Mad?: Q & A

It’s easy to be angry at and afraid of the state of the world these days.  A quick look at the news reveals big sensational stories of crime, war, poverty, and corruption across the globe.  They seem pretty good reasons to be dismayed at our fellow human beings for acting out selfishness, greed, anger, or resentment and to be fearful of where it’s all taking us collectively and unconsciously.  There are also lots of smaller reasons to be upset with the state of our society that never make the network headlines but turn up on the internet in droves.  Together it all seems like a perfect recipe for a world gone mad.

Likewise, It seems hardly a day goes by without a couple of emails arriving in our Mesa account to tell us about albatrosses eating ocean borne plastic garbage, people harvesting sea turtle eggs on the beach, gas drillers despoiling nearby farmland, or some government agency trying to shut down small organic farms.  Frantically passed along links to YouTube videos show interviews about cancer cures going unnoticed or being banned, while legal, mainstream products that cause disease remain on the market.  How can that be?

Add into the mix the constant barrage of solicitations we get to buy what people pathetically try to convince us is “good for us” in order that they, rather than we, might benefit.  Sprinkle that with a generous helping of Solar flares giving the appearance that our Sun wants to burn us up.  Pour in a barrel of natural disasters that suggest Mother Earth is trying to shoo us off her body like so many ants.  Fold in some religious nuts and whip it all together with the mixer set on the ever accelerating speed of the Evolution of Creation and you get, um… fruitcake!  Some days it seems like the whole world has gone totally off its rocker, and spiritually and metaphysically speaking it actually has.

Multiple sources of chaos have emerged on our planet and they are causing an emotional and spiritual crisis for many of us as we see our own and our species’ survival being called into question.  Severe weather, earthquakes, volcanic activity, economic problems, government grid lock, challenges to our ecology, and threatened food production all are causing stresses that are pushing people to a level of madness and irrationality that is unprecedented in human history.  The fact that the dualistic Universe we live in creates a counter force to virtually any action we take to help ourselves only serves to make things feel like more of a losing battle.

Some we know are predicting that people will become homicidal or suicidal in large numbers as the Evolution of Creation continues to heat things up as planned.  People are in fact already going crazy.  They’re becoming delusional and dissociative because they are seeing their reality changing right before their eyes and are not anchored by anything real.  The unenlightened masses want things to be like the old days and have no clue why that’s simply not going to happen.  They see no connection between their choices and personal, let alone world outcomes, nor relationship between the realm of the physical and the higher dimensions of the Natural World.  And, they are our neighbors.

Those of us who are spiritually sensitive can feel this aggressive and growing lunacy in the Allness, but aren’t always sure where the signal is coming from.  Years of feeling “different” and blaming ourselves can cause us to overlook the blatant insanity of others and make us question the soundness of our own mental state.  Sadly, most of the people we’ve heard asking the question, “Am I crazy?” lately are not those harming each other, Nature, and the Earth.  Instead they are very ones who are beginning to wake up to the emerging new reality(or is that realities, plural?) of Love and Light and are letting go of the old one as it crumbles beneath their feet.  They are people who are just starting to open to living life from a spiritual standpoint instead of strictly a material one and are experiencing unusual and often disorienting new things that they don’t understand.  That’s when we get their desperate calls or emails.

Some are hearing gentle yet insistent voices giving them advice to change the direction of their life’s path when it appears there is no one around.  Others are noticing auras around people, pets, or trees and wondering if their eyes are playing tricks on them.  People are seeing spirits of the departed who need help crossing over, or fairies flitting across their garden, but doubt their own perception.  A few have had a Reiki healing, held a crystal, or stood somewhere in Nature and felt physical sensations of “something” moving through their bodies.  They have sat in mediation and felt themselves expand into pure Light or sensed their heart opening during a Yoga workout.  Without something to relate these occurrences to, or someone to get an explanation from, these folks sometimes feel that they’re just plain losing it.

As a result of the lack of reference in their new and expanded reality, awakening seekers can view their changing level of consciousness (and themselves) as somehow defective because it is so vastly different from what they see others around them experiencing and from what they, themselves, have been living with for most of their lives.  The trouble is that they’re comparing themselves to the large numbers of people who have gradually gone spiritually if not clinically insane trying to hold onto the old paradigm of conflict, separation, and scarcity(Basically, the “ducks”.  See our Blog entry about Ugly Duckling Syndrome.) and are somewhat confused about which is which and who is who.

OK.  Here’s a test that may help.  Ask yourself what really constitutes being “crazy”?  (Answer hint: It’s the ones on the RIGHT side of “, or…” <grin>)

  • Hearing your Spirit Guides, or heeding those who preach greed, prejudice, xenophobia, and fear?
  • Seeing auras, spirit beings, and energy fields, or denying that you are a spiritual being?
  • Feeling Gratitude about the good, the bad, and the ugly, or acting out resentment?
  • Healing with non-invasive holistic therapies, or poisoning yourself with expensive, ineffective, and dangerous pharmaceuticals you know nothing about?
  • Feeling energy from people, places, and things, or “rational” denial of feeling and emotions?
  • Opening a spiritual center, or opening another McDonalds or Wal-Mart “super store”?
  • Making efforts to personally connect with Creation and higher spiritual wisdom, or telling people they will be “damned” for their non-religious choices?
  • Meditating to relax, or “managing” stress with legal addictions?
  • Learning by experience and practice guided by Spirit, or buying credentials off the internet to become instantly more important?
  • Conversing with Mother Earth as a sentient being, or permanently poisoning the land for gas money?
  • Concentrating on raising your vibration, or concentrating on raising your video game scores, watching “Survivor”, etc?
  • Renewing, reusing, recycling, and reducing consumption to conserve planetary resources, or making a lot of cheap junk no one really needs to keep the economy growing?
  • Aligning with your Soul, or letting your ego determine how to conduct yourself?
  • Opening your heart, or closing your mind?

I could go on and on, but the point here is that you who are working for The Light with purity of intent need to get over the fact that we are in the minority just now and get on with it.  Yes, what you’re doing is different from the norm, but take a hard look at what passes for normal these days.  You’re not crazy and you’re needed NOW.  The low-vibrational inmates are running the asylum.  Be the new Voice of Reason.  It’s way past time to align with Creation and do the work that needs to be done to benefit the All instead of the few.  If we’re lucky, it will minimize the damage being done to ourselves and our planet through low consciousness..  We must take hold of our spiritual sanity and let go of the religious idea that our higher dimensional gifts are “evil”.

Spiritual newbies: Do not take it to heart when one of the “inmates” tells you that you shouldn’t talk with spirits, give Reiki, practice Yoga, help the homeless, be an artist/musician/dancer, quit your mindless job, use healing herbs, leave the church, give away unneeded possessions, hug strangers, pray in a Sweat Lodge, or heal yourself.  Remember that it’s easier for you to see their shrunken reality than it is for them to look into your expanded one and have compassion for them in their ignorance.  Call us if you need a reality check and we’ll remind you of who you really are— a bright spiritual BE-ing, intensely loved by That Which Created you, here on Earth to help change the world. (Whew!)  Better yet, come by The Mesa Creative Arts Center and we’ll join you in some “hookey-bookie” healing stuff.  It’s just our kind of crazy.

About Brad Silberberg

Brad Silberberg, director of The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) is an artist, holistic healer, spiritual leader, and change agent.
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