No More “Business As Usual”

“Omis Chom”.  (Translation: “The burden of heat”)  That’s how my Israeli blacksmith friend, Itzik Atzmon used his native Hebrew to describe the one-two punch of 90 degree heat and 90 percent humidity during the two summers he lived near me in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC.  Having lived all of his life in the dryness of arid Israel, he was used to heat, but not the smothering humidity that is part and parcel of summers in the former swampland that became our nations’ capitol.

The weather here in Pittsburgh has been blazing hot this week and the humidity has reached levels of stickiness that I not so fondly remember from my former life in DC.  That has only added to the discomfort that people here were already feeling in their lives.  As we reach the midpoint of the 4th Night of the current cycle of the Mayan Calendar today, the “dark” energies coming from the Flow of Creation can feel even more oppressive than the weather.  Creation has always been encouraging us to evolve along with it and become more loving, compassionate, and spiritual, but its methodology has changed.  It used to be much more gentle in its approach…  “Could you maybe, possibly, consider a just a little bit of change?  …I mean, if it’s not too much trouble, of course…” it used to whisper.  “Could you maybe start thinking about being just an teeny, tiny bit more spiritual sometime soon?” it would implore.

Over the last few decades, that whispering got louder, but most of us had been ignoring the gentle pleading.  Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1983, the volume of the calling has grown and the tone became more stern, but after trying for so long to shout over the distractions of our material world, Creation is no longer cajoling, pleading, or warning, but shoving us forward, stiff-armed and without a word, face-first into the duality of our foibles, failings, and fears.  We have seen many people at The Mesa and out in our neighborhood who are caught so off guard by this that they are falling flat on their faces, but are looking to the material world for the source of the push.  This only adds to their confusion and frustration as they grope for things outside of themselves on which to place the blame for their discomfort.

There are also those who have heard the call, but don’t know how to step forward in their lives.  The fact that family, friends, and coworkers seem to be carrying on with business as usual makes it all the harder for them to tune to, and follow the higher vibration.  The truth is that Creation is on the move and picking up speed.  There’s method to its perceived madness.  There are things that it used to support energetically that it no longer will.  (Imagine a pair of cupped hands, letting sand spill from between them.)  Thankfully, there are also new things, better things, that Creation couldn’t support yet because their time had not yet arrived that it is now beginning to.  (Envision the same pair of cupped hands, coming together to hold a stream of water being poured from above.)

The Flow of Creation will no longer support a “business as usual” approach to ANYTHING.  You can forget it!  Our institutions and societal structures are already crumbling.  The way we have been personally and as a species is slipping away like that sand.  If you try to stand on it, you’ll be skidding and sliding as you follow it down.  The alternative is to surrender to the course of the Divine Plan and go with the flow of the water, to be caught and supported in that loving pool.  Now is the time.

So what to do?  One answer we hear over and over is to come together.  We have been raised with competition, “free enterprise” (read that as: “It’s OK to screw people as long as it’s not illegal—or I don’t get caught.”), “survival of the fittest”, and “every man for himself”.  The support for those kinds of outmoded systems is draining quickly away.  What is building is a reservoir of energy that can be much more easily tapped into by groups of people joining their consciousness and their efforts, recognizing our shared stake in healing and the survival of our world.  Whether it is in meditation circles, healing shares, creative events, or spiritual ceremonies, together we can bring through much more of that energy for our mutual benefit than we can for and by ourselves.  Isolation is not the answer.

A group of us saw and felt the direct effects of gathering together this past weekend in our Sacred Pipe ceremony with Cree Indian spiritual teacher, Jody Ground.  Now we just have to find ways to implement it on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis so that we can join our hands with those of Creation and improve our world.  We offer our Mesa Creative Arts Center space and our organizing efforts as an altar, a focusing and coming together place for All Our Relations; that’s one definition of the Spanish word, “mesa”.  We accept it as our role to provide the time and place.  It’s up to you to show up.  We’ll light a candle to guide your way.

About Brad Silberberg

Brad Silberberg, director of The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) is an artist, holistic healer, spiritual leader, and change agent.
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