Trusting What You FEEL

Quartz Crystal

Hold a quartz crystal and trust what you FEEL.

We got an email from a stranger about our TC Energy carafes page on our website.  The woman commented that she was thinking of buying one and had found our site in a websearch.  She wrote that our site had more information about the sacred geometry vessels than she had seen elsewhere and thanked us for putting it out there.  She also had a question: Our link to the movie “Water- The Great Mystery” now led to a page that said the video was no longer available.  The woman wanted to know if we knew where she could buy a copy or view it elsewhere.  When I tried the link myself, the landing page literally said, “This video does not exist”.  As often happens for me when I web-surf for metaphysical, natural healing, or spiritual info, when I typed in the name of the water video into a search engine, one of the hits was a “debunker” site.

 I’m always curious as to what these folks have to say about spiritual, healing, or metaphysical things and have learned to read their words dispassionately instead of getting mad and yelling at them through the computer screen.  I’m willing to listen to their point of view to understand where they’re coming from.  This time it was a white woman in Africa who calls herself “Skeptic Detective”.  She was calling into question new research in the movie on water’s ability to “remember”, referring to it as “pseudoscience”.  She also bashed Dr. Emoto and his work, calling it “highly interpretive and open to bias”, suggesting that it should be entirely discounted.

 While I agree that Dr. Emoto’s work with exposing water to different spoken or written words and freezing it may not hold up to strict scientific study criteria, (Does EVERY drop of water that was sent love look that pretty when frozen, or is he just showing us the best photos?) it does point to matter’s reactivity to our consciousness, a point increasingly shown through experiments in the field of Quantum Physics.  No, it wasn’t her picking on Dr. Emoto’s ground breaking work that really got me this time, it was when she went on to refer to Ch’i and life-force energy as “mythical” and wrote that “the efficacy of homeopathy and acupuncture have no basis in reality”.  She spouted the dangers of listening to “authority figures” and yet mostly quoted other people.  None of what she wrote was based on her own experience.  I had to laugh.

 Now this lady describes her qualifications on her webpage as: “…working mom, the editor of a leading online African IT news site.  With a growing sense of wonder at the beauty and simplicity of the natural world she tries to keep her eyes (and her keyboard) firmly targeted on the truth.  Angela dedicates most of her free time to smacking quacks, debunking chain e-mails and exposing myths.  Whenever possible she pursues nerdy activities such as reading and playing role-playing games”.  Yep, I thought, that makes her an authority all right!  I wondered how many lab experiments she had ever done and if she belonged to the African Role Playing Working Moms Water Investigation Society, but what really hit me was if she had ever paid any real attention to that natural world around her.  I was also struck by the fact that much of what is now part of our culture’s “science” would in times long past have been referred to as fantasy or heresy.  Did electricity exist before people knew of it as the motive force that runs much of our modern world?  Of course it did.

 I once saw an IMAX movie about elephants.  There had been a terrible drought on the game preserve and the herd was on the move looking for water.  At one point, they came across the skeleton of a dead elephant.  Several of the elephants from the herd circled around the bones and gently touched them here and there with their trunks.  As I watched in awe, the voice-over said, “Scientists don’t know why the elephants do this…”  How stupid those scientists are, I thought.  I had felt the retained patterns of energy and consciousness in the teeth and bones of different animals (Including my own and my brothers’ baby teeth—Yes, my mom had saved them.) and I knew what the elephants were up to.  They were checking to see whose bones they were, mourning, and saying goodbye.  I could never prove this, but I knew it implicitly to be so.  I have seen elephants in the wild and they are tremendously loving beings.  I saw and felt it.  Elephants move the bones of their kin to “graveyards”.  They bury their dead.

 What really makes me wonder about the self-appointed “debunkers” is how we as a society have largely come to no longer rely on our own senses and personal experience of the natural world.  We spout facts and repeat “wisdom” we have read or heard without question.  We continue to stuff our bodies full of chemicals that make us feel sicker because someone else told us to.  We take the word of “scientists” who sometimes manipulate the facts to match their hypothesis, myopically look at only the material aspects of matter (like Western or Allopathic medicine) or turn out eventually to be just plain wrong (swine flu epidemic?).

 I know Ch’i or life force exists because I can FEEL it flow and move within and around me and I no longer deny that I do because I can’t “prove it” by making someone else feel it too.  Do crystals, seashells, and structured water have an energetic effect on my body, mind, and emotions?  Of course they do, and I still believe it without lab-borne proof because they are part of my everyday experience of Life.  I have seen auras and Spirit Beings with my own eyes and realize that there are whole unseen worlds around me that “science” does not yet have the technology to image or measure.  I have a relationship with them every day.

 I encourage all of us to continue to expand the use of our senses and draw our own conclusions about the things that “science” cannot yet “prove”, for “science”, ultimately, is a belief system, based on certain “facts” that are just assumptions about the natural world that reflect our current level of consciousness.  (Bloodletting was once cutting edge technology—no pun intended.)  As “Uncle Henry”, one of my Native American teachers once told me, “A healthy skepticism is a good thing to have… but never let your skepticism get in the way of your education.”  Lack of physical proof of non-physical things does not mean they don’t exist.  (My Spirit Guides agree!)  What if we only experience what we’re open to?  The world of energy and Spirit is knocking on our door.

 It is so important now as the Evolution of Creation breaks down our old institutions for each of us to draw our own conclusions about spiritual, metaphysical, and healing matters while remaining open to new information and experiences.  It’s about learning to trust ourselves again after being taught for so long that everyone else is right.  It’s also about taking responsibility for making our own choices and dealing with the consequences in self-love.

 So… Hold a lot of crystals.  See if you can feel the life force and consciousness of that bug on your kitchen counter before you toss it (Alive, please!) back outside.  Notice any subtle felt differences between that organic apple and the conventional ones.  Sit and tune in to your Spirit Guides and Angels, or feel the love that a tree or houseplant has for you.  It’s a different way to think and a different way to live.  Are you up to it?  We’re here to help.  Not to validate your experiences for you, but to marvel at them.

About Brad Silberberg

Brad Silberberg, director of The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) is an artist, holistic healer, spiritual leader, and change agent.
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