Listening to Just One Radio

As we heard from our friend and astrologer, Rick DiClemente, in his workshop at the Mesa last Friday, Uranus in Capricorn is urging all of us to let go of the old junk and listen to our “God-self”.  That may seem really hard to do right now.  Things have continued to be increasingly crazy out there lately with more extreme weather (Has it seemed Biblical?), political figures in scandal, worries about reprisals from Al Qaeda, yo-yoing gas prices, and the yo-yo’s at work.  Add in a few friends and family members in crisis and it can feel overwhelming.

 Maybe you’re sensing some of this more directly as Creation continues to make us more sensitive to Allness, the emotional, spiritual, sometimes physical, and often painful experiencing of the thoughts, emotions, energy, and consciousness of everything and everyone else around– all at once.  This can be very disturbing and distracting to say the least, but there is hope.  Each of us has the ability and opportunity to tune in to the voice of That Which Created us for comfort, strength, and direction.  It may not come to you as a sound you can hear, but rather a felt sense of connection, reassurance, resolve, and knowing.  Maybe you’ve already experienced being in this stream of energy and love from time to time, but have found it hard to stay with it these days when things erupt.

 When we experience ourselves exposed to the cacophony of Allness we have a natural protective tendency to shut all of our little perceptual doors to the noise and hide.  Imagine being in a room with all of life’s “radios” blaring all at once, all playing different broadcasts at the same volume.  Country western over here, rap over there.  Talk radio, football games, and oldies all competing for your attention.  Wouldn’t you want to block them all out?  That’s what experiencing Allness can sometimes seem like.  But what if one of those radios was tuned in to “The God Station”?  Could you focus on hearing the song of just that one above the din?  That’s what we’re being challenged to do right now, focus on the beautiful music of Spirit above the static and noise of chaos, trauma, and everyday life coming from the Allness.  In order to do so, we first have to recognize that we’ve already heard that “music” at the moments in our lives when we felt loved, fulfilled, empowered, or at peace, even for just a fleeting second, and remember the sensation of it.  We can then remind ourselves of just what it is that we’re “listening” for and allow our longing for it to lead us back.

 We can use our awareness to check in at times of turmoil, see if we’re still on the beam, or have allowed our focus to drift off the frequency.  Through our attention and intention, we can gently pull ourselves back when things go out of balance.  The trick here is to push our senses through the noise to lock back onto that beautiful song of Creation again.  You may have to do this quite often at first; resetting whenever you feel slighted, alone, defeated, weak, resentful, or mystified by the ignorance of others.  Over time you’ll be able to keep that one door to the Divine wide open and hum right along, no matter what is swirling around you.  This is something REAL to practice and you can tell where you are with it by the way you feel.  It gets easier…

About Brad Silberberg

Brad Silberberg, director of The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) is an artist, holistic healer, spiritual leader, and change agent.
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