Emotional Spinning

I don’t know about you, but we’re still seeing last week’s Venus Transit exerting pressure in our inner and outer worlds.  Unlike other celestial events of the past, it seems to have opened a door that hasn’t closed and feels like it may remain that way for a long time, something hinted at by Mayan prophesy scholars.  To me, the energies flowing in Creation urging us to change our habits and ways of being to a more enlightened direction have markedly intensified with the Transit.  This is not happening to simply get the attention of those not already on that path, but to sweep us where Creation is going.  Felt-sense observations of friends and strangers alike, corroborated with conversation indicate that people are really feeling this push, and for many the experience is an unpleasant one to say the least.  For some it borders on maddening as they tumble seemingly helplessly with the tide.

At last weekend’s Three Rivers Holistic Healing Festival in Oakland, the effects were plainly obvious.  People seemed exhausted, harried, irritated, and even demoralized—and those were the readers and healers!  At the end of the day as we were packing up, one of the festival organizers stood near our booth and told us of feeling physically dizzy, something they had not experienced in a long time.  I had noticed this friend running constantly throughout the day in efforts to keep the event running smoothly, but also to soothe ruffled feathers and appease bruised egos.  I witnessed the wear and worry from the day taking its toll on her as I sat with my bare feet on the ground in our outdoor booth, but sensed that more had been going on for her.  I could see that she needed help.

I asked our friend if she’d be willing to sit in a chair for a few minutes and accept an energy healing.  As she gratefully accepted and sat down, I could tell that she was driven to the point of consciously committing what amounted to an act of self-preservation.  When I put my hands on her shoulders, I felt something like a very fast ticking sensation within her energy.  My intuition said it suggested the speed she was emotionally spinning, and I got an image of a rotating armature, like a large ball on a vertical stick spinning faster than its bearings could reliably handle.  The “ticking” was the ball hitting something with each revolution, like an out-of-balance fan blade striking its housing.

As I invited Creation’s energy to flow through me into this busy wife, mother, and healer, I talked to her about what I had been observing people going through, mentioning the ball on the stick image.  I told her how Creation is pushing us to change, giving that ball harder and harder pushes with greater frequency.  I reminded her that depending how fast our “ball” is spinning to start with this can result in feeling totally out of control.  I could sense her inner mind getting what I was saying and that in her case her high rate of spin had caused literal vertigo.  She had been unable to reset “on the fly” and it had taken several minutes of quiet sitting and healing energy to put on the brakes.  Eventually, we both felt her shift as her spin got below wobble speed.  She acknowledged being under stress in her life and struggling to keep up without periodically taking time out to use what she knew as a healer to slow back down.

Kate and I had seen something similar the week before the transit as the energies were still just ramping up.  We had spent the afternoon with touring Tibetan monks and then gone back to The Mesa to host an evening drumming circle in the tipi.  Eight people piled into the tipi with us, each very obviously in their own little world.  The difference in how they felt to our senses compared to the monks struck a stark contrast.  Their “spin” was palpable and startlingly uncomfortable to both Kate and me, especially after being in the calm, slowly rotating presence of the monks.  As I made a conscious effort to detach from what I sensed energetically, it made me wonder how I had felt to the Tibetans.  I reminded myself that they would have detached from my energy as well and carried on.

I hoped that engaging in drumming would quickly ground and relax those in the circle as I had seen many times before, but struggled with nervousness as my confidence clashed with my felt sense discernment.  I started a heartbeat rhythm and asked our guests to join in.  I was shocked that the group simply could not all get on this biological rhythm and stay with it consistently, a sad indication of how stressed out and caught up in their own life dramas they each were on an otherwise calm and beautiful Thursday night.  It took nearly the entire 2hr session for most to reset, reconnect, and relax even a little.  Such is the state of how we are choosing to live.

So what to do to keep from spinning faster and faster as our human world and that of Spirit pushes our little ball?  The place to start is with Mindfulness of our own spin and that from others.  By becoming more aware of this, you can learn to consciously slow that internal process down through meditating or sitting quiet, going out in Nature, physical movement, focusing on gratitude, unburdening to a friend, getting healing help, or by gently contemplating the Sand Mandala pictured above for more than a few seconds.  You might also begin to take a look at what “spins” you and why.  This can lead you to make changes in the way you think and otherwise operate internally and release the urge to spin in resonance with un-mindful others around you.  This is called walking your path.  It’s the difference between spinning in place and rolling forward.

About Brad Silberberg

Brad Silberberg, director of The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) is an artist, holistic healer, spiritual leader, and change agent.
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