Re-conceiving Ourselves for Dec 2012

This Tuesday (March 20, 2012) is the Spring Equinox, but it is more than just the day of nearly equal darkness and light that marks the beginning of spring.  Some would have this day declared the beginning of the New Year, as Nature reawakens from her winter slumber and life returns to the landscape.  I’ve always felt that way myself, and wondered why we proclaim dark, dreary January 1st as the beginning of anything at all when it seemed so out of sync with the natural world.  There, things were still coming to an end, not beginning anew.

The passing of winter into spring is when a new cycle begins on the Native American Medicine Wheel.  With the spring season represented by the energies of the eastern quadrant comes the promise of new birth, renewal, initiation, the rising sun, the coming of Light, and the enlightenment that comes from our spirit.  It follows winter, located in the north, which teaches us about introspection, old age, death, and the end of the cycle of life.  With the spring Nature renews itself, and we are reborn into the next cycle.  It is a time to plant new seeds for what we want to see grow and mature not only in our own lives but in the lives of “our people”.  Hopefully, with wisdom gained from reviewing the lessons of the previous year we move to a higher level instead of just repeating what has just come to pass.

As we approach whatever cosmic shift and changes that are coming for humanity with the planetary alignment and end of the Mayan calendar great cycle in December 2012, some people have suggested an additional significance to this year’s Vernal Equinox since it proceeds this momentous event by exactly nine months.  In human terms, this is the length of time it takes a baby to develop in its mother’s womb and points to a chance for us to “re-conceive” ourselves in preparation for what’s coming.  It is a historic opportunity to set an intent for the rest of 2012 and for what lies beyond.

We invite all of our Mesa “tribe” and especially those who have not yet availed themselves of what this place of community, enlightenment, and personal reinvention has to offer to join us for our Spring Equinox Medicine Wheel ceremony this Tuesday evening at sunset.  As we stand together in that vortex of energy, time, and Spirit, we have the opportunity to pool our Light and intent not only for a glorious year to come, but for a smooth and prosperous transition into the next phase of Creation for ourselves, our families, and All Our Relations (Mitakuye Oyasin).  Hope you’ll join us.

About Brad Silberberg

Brad Silberberg, director of The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) is an artist, holistic healer, spiritual leader, and change agent.
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