Releasing Resolutions: New Year’s 2012

Over the last couple of decades of my life I have usually felt that New Years, like so many other American/Gregorian calendar holidays, is just another day like any other.  It always seemed so arbitrary, coming some ten days or so after the Winter Solstice, a convention of a cycle of 12 unequal man-made months assembled in an era now distant in time and consciousness.  To me, Nature has appeared to take very little notice of it in years past, the same way the deer, blue jays, or oak trees don’t make much difference of weekends or the 4th of July.

While that may be true, something different seemed to happen this New Year’s.  Maybe it was just the crescendo point in a normal seasonal cycle of rising and falling energy around the time of the Solstice magnified by an intensely bright full moon on the 9th of January, but it felt like something else; a ratcheting up of the energy of Creation, Divinely timed to the start of this much touted year.  What I’ve noticed by the lack of rejoicing in the mundane world is that not everyone seems to be experiencing it.  How could that be?

I’ve read several astrological reports, telling me what this or that planet is doing and how those heavenly bodies are the cause of things being stirred up as the new year is just beginning.  The point of view of some is that these celestial orbs are demanding our attention and mercilessly thumping us into change.  My personal sense is that they, too, are moving to the rhythm of something greater and are not at the root of it, but were set in precise motion at a time before time, like so many billiard balls in a carefully planned “six-ball-in-the side-pocket” break.  To me they are dancing parallel with us at great distance, not playing the tune.  They are cosmic ballerinas, and we are stumbling to stay in step.

When it comes right down to it, though, it really doesn’t matter from where or when the flow of energy I’m captivated by originates, just that I have been moved by it.  I feel that it has massively motivated Kate and me in a few new directions, as well as supplying an impetus to actually (finally!) follow through on some old and still valid plans.  It has prompted us to find new, deeper, and more fundamental levels of inner experience to heal that have enabled us to let go of self-restriction and even a couple of bad habits.  We feel it will continue to urge us to forge ahead.

Suddenly, and what at first glance might seem inexplicably, we feel like tackling things we’ve been putting off and are engaging in them together without much fuss.  We find ourselves more intuitive, outspoken, effective, and willing to deal calmly with disappointment when it (less frequently) arises and more gently with each other when we disagree.  We’re going with The Flow and it’s a lovely fast and rising current.  I’m not saying that it was because of the turn of the New Year, but the moment seemed like some kind of landmark for it.

So if this energy is somehow as I perceive it; universal and brightly flowing through all things right now as we enter 2012, why is there still so much chaos and despair on the news instead of more of what we and a few others we know are personally experiencing?  It’s about dimensionality.  (Huh?)

Lifetimes of materialism and “reason” have led us to believe that everything behaves the way hard, 3-dimensional physical matter does.  One thing is not simultaneously another (my desk is not that chair across the room), things can’t move and stand still at the same time, and two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same tick of the clock.  We see evidence of this all the time in the “normal” world, like when vying for that last open parking spot at the Mall right before Christmas.

What I’m sensing more clearly now is that the non-physical elements of reality; energies, consciousnesses, creational blueprints and, especially, the chameleon-like parts of our own inner selves can and indeed do occupy the same “here-ness” at the same “now-ness”.  They are immobile but somehow still move.  They can be cold yet hot, black and yet white.  They overlap and weave in and out in a way that defies our 3rd-dimensional and physically based “sense”, so we tend to shut down and shut them out of our awareness, focusing our perception on only one self-created, limited reality we all nod knowingly about.

In truth we can be happy and sad at the same time; want to go the to movies and cower at home at the same moment with equal enthusiasm, succeed or fail with the same efforts.  We can be dragged down by wholesale negativity, or soar on the wings of higher vibration and consciousness that simultaneously (co-) exist.  We can ride the stars while stuck in traffic on the Parkway, and build our dream while others sleepwalk through life.

We habitually tend to pretend that we don’t notice this because we were never taught how to deal with it, refusing to “look under the hood” because we don’t know which thingy the oil goes in, yet are living within more than one reality space without ever having to get out of bed.  As of the last week or so, however, it seems to be getting harder to ignore.  The good part is that when we get to realizing all of this dimensional blending as a precursor to Universal Unity and learn to embrace it instead of stubbornly resisting or cinching up in fear, we get to choose to partake of it.  We can pick and choose the kinds of energy, consciousness, and outcomes we want to live and work with, and sidestep the rest like a graceful bullfighter.  (Olé!)

Through personal transformation and healing on our lowest dimensional levels we can attune to this freshening, higher dimensional breeze instead of being blown over by it.  We can select the coinciding inner ways of being that we want to embody, release the imbalanced ones without having to retreat from life, and set sail.  Fortunately, the new energies of 2012 are making it greatly easier for us to do so right now if we let them.  Please note:  This is a limited time offer and may not be repeated.  The Door is closing.  Sadly for some, I feel that, too.

So, instead of making unrealistic or perfectionist “resolutions” for the New Year, why not just relax and set an “intention to pay attention”, tune in to the new and improved Flow of Creation, and begin to move your feet?  A new and more fulfilling reality is jogging easily right alongside you without breaking a sweat as you stumble awkwardly through your busy life, waiting for you to turn your head and notice it Cheshire-grinning back at you.  It may be right there within your reach, rushing forward and yet waiting stock-still for you to grasp it at the same time, because it has that ability—and a desire for you to catch up.  That can happen when you move beyond 3 dimensions.  A part of you remembers how.

About Brad Silberberg

Brad Silberberg, director of The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) is an artist, holistic healer, spiritual leader, and change agent.
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