Remebering Your Spiritual Lineage

Our trip to the beach during Thanksgiving week 2011 was marvelous and full of learning.  It felt so good to be at the ocean again, feeling the energy of the water, wind, and sand.  The temperatures reached nearly 70 degrees by the weekend, which gave us a much needed respite from colder Fall weather.  We engineered time to walk on the beach at sunrise, and to traverse the boardwalk a couple of times.  A few die-hards still had their shops open, and Kate was able to add to her seashell collection.

Even though things were hectic, with healing sessions running until 10pm on the night before Thanksgiving, we were still able to relax and enjoy the “place energy” that is so different from here in the Pittsburgh area.  The consciousness of the resort town is different than that present here in the Burgettstown or Pittsburgh area, with rental and vacation real estate and the money involved driving everything.  Working with clients was different too, in that they brought different concerns to the healing table.

The folks we worked with in OCNJ were clients of our friend’s beach block massage center, many of whom could afford it as a feel-good luxury.  The majority were concerned about their careers, and how to expand their business to not only keep up with but surpass the Joneses.  We saw very few who brought up physical health issues, or sited old emotional trauma as their reason for seeking help, even though these energies did emerge in many healings.  This was very different from the concerns of those we see at The Mesa, where our clients are often in much more dire life circumstances.

Two women had driven two hours to come and see us, but I almost didn’t get to work with them.  As we were chatting when they first arrived, they both proudly mentioned being “in recovery” for long periods of time.  I started a firestorm when describing how our Guided Head Movement healings have helped people by asking if they thought they could ever be recovered instead of in perpetual recovery.  This suggestion brought up such great fear, rage, and finger pointing that the women almost walked out.

Thankfully, Kate intervened with a pertinent story about her mother.  I decided to leave everything up to Spirit and say nothing more that could possibly antagonize the women on this touchy subject.  I was in a place of willingness to let them leave if that was for their highest good, and had no intention of trying to convince them that their very resistance showed the need for the healing their Higher Selves had directed them to.  Luckily (For me, as it turned out.) they decided to stay, with the least resistant and angry one agreeing to the first healing session while her companion sulked and sat with Kate for a Seashell Divination reading.

When we came out from our session, the angry lady had cooled down from the seashells’ water energy and asked her friend a simple question with respect to the healing session, “Was it worth it?”.  Her companion replied that it surely had been, and that she recognized that they had come all that way for exactly what they were getting.  As I took the second woman into the “Mermaid Room” for her healing (It has a waterbed type massage table, another story all by itself!) I released the outcome of the session, knowing that the seashells had softened her up, that I could surely help her, and that something big was about to happen.

The woman had self-image issues that had been interfering with her finding a love relationship that was honest and reciprocal.  The theme we narrowed things down to for her YES/NO Guided Head Movement healing was one I had worked with for others before; “Remember who you are”.  I explained that this wasn’t about her family or what she had achieved in life, but about remembering who she was on the level of her Soul.

Just before we were about to start with the actual guided healing, something else came into my head to suggest for her to remember that stunned me; her Spiritual Lineage.  It was something reminiscent of the unbroken line of energy of great spiritual teachers here on Earth, each connected to their master and their master’s masters, going back to the Buddhas, the Jesuses, and other lesser known holy men and women who spread enlightenment.  It just wasn’t from this world.

In No-Time I had gotten a download from Spirit about the whole concept, but had first seen my own instead of my client’s.  My higher sight swung past the Soul I had been at important points in past lives, seeing familiar and new flashes of being a healer, priest, spiritual leader, etc, but something else I had never considered sprang into my awareness.  I got a sense of all of the masters who had taught me on the Spirit Side—in between incarnations, during my sleep, and in astral projection.  I sensed that my education and training thus far was a huge and careful investment in energy, loving guidance, and Light.  I was seeing it.

Obviously, I was remembering my own Spiritual Lineage, but was I in acceptance of the magnitude of it?  I decided to let that wait for the moment and turned my attention back to my client, realizing that only a split second had passed.  When I told her what I was getting about her Spiritual Lineage and how she needed to remember that she was a member of spiritual “royalty”, she gasped.  “That’s the same thing your wife just told me!” said the woman.  (Later she told Kate that when I had said basically the same thing she had just heard from her, she “wanted to throw up.”)

The two women left as our new “best friends”, vowing to keep in touch with us in the future.  When we returned to our room, I told Kate about the gift that had been given to me.  When we checked to see if we were accepting our Spiritual (and Twin Flame) Lineage, we both got negative muscle tests.  It all seemed too fantastic to our little materio-emotional selves to acknowledge.

We proceeded to do Guided Head Movement healings for each other and could feel the issue and its energy shift.  When I thought about the concept later after my healing, I got a better idea of what I had seen.  I pondered the comparison of my ancestry to my Spiritual Lineage and an expression that I have often repeated to our students came to my mind:  While we owe much to our forebears, what we truly are has come through our ancestry but is not from it.  We are from Spirit.  That is our origin and our true nature.  (I drive a Ford pickup truck, but I’m not a Ford!)

When I picture the difference between my ancestral line and Spiritual Lineage, I see it this way:  My ancestry is physical and horizontal, going back through my mom and dad and branching out like roots or a tree laying on its side.  My Spiritual Lineage on the other hand, is meta-physical and goes vertically, branching out like a tree of Light through my masterful Soul, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Beings of Light I can only imagine.

The time is now for all of us Light Workers to remember our Spiritual Lineage and why we have come here to this Earth at this amazing time for Humanity.  Now that you’ve been reminded of the concept, you can turn your attention to it and connect with it through meditation, dreams, creative endeavors, and ceremony.  It’s the best way to honor what has been invested in you and do what you’ve come here to do—change the world.

About Brad Silberberg

Brad Silberberg, director of The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) is an artist, holistic healer, spiritual leader, and change agent.
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