The Responsibility to Heal

We are all connected.  The new science of consciousness is showing that what each of us does, thinks, and feels sends out ripples that affect the whole of humanity.  Most people are at least occasionally aware of how they are impacted by the energy, thoughts, emotions, and deeds of others.  If they’re paying attention, they also recognize how even the smallest acts they engage in themselves affect the world around them.

Once acknowledging their personal impact, many people are making choices to live differently; their awakened experience leading them to see that even their smallest choices have the potential to help save the planet.  As a result, individuals, families, and organizations alike are taking stock of the resources they consume and taking steps to reduce runaway consumption, not just to save money but to save life on Earth.

Those of greater awareness also review what they produce as waste and are becoming more conscious of how the physical dross they generate affects the common environment.  They understand that there is really no “away” in “throw away”.  It all goes somewhere, usually just out of sight of the “throw-ee,” but often where others have to live with it.

If the flapping of butterfly wings in South America contributes to hurricanes in Florida, what carnage do our errant human thoughts and emotions cause?  More sensitive types understand well the impact that the emotional garbage of others has on them and how their own moods affect those around them.  They’re making conscious decisions about ways to manage their thoughts and emotions, and taking steps to treat others as they would have themselves treated.  They are walking away from people and places that harbor negativity, suspicion and abuse, and moving towards Light.

The truth is that everything we engage in as individuals; thought, emotion, belief, word, deed, or intent has an impact on everything and everyone in the web of Creation, even beyond our own tiny planet.  (Except for crop circles, we just don’t get as many angry phone calls from our cosmic neighbors just yet.)  The same is true when it comes to healing.  Others are affected by changes in our personal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, and we are, conversely, by theirs.  Maybe you’ve felt it.

It has been said that none of us can really claim to be healed until we are all healed.  As long as there is one person in our world who is sick, hurt, hungry, emotionally distraught, mentally unstable, or spiritually out of balance, we all suffer.  As we learned from Peruvian Shaman Amaru Li last weekend, in his country’s cosmology even the state of our individual abundance or lack thereof is seen as a health concern that must be balanced for the whole of society to be fit.

It would be easy to use this reciprocal concept of unified health to declare victimhood.  We could blame everyone else in the world for “infecting” us with their ills, resulting in our own state of imbalance or dis-ease.  Luckily, there is a polar flip side to the situation:  Healing is contagious.  As each one of us engages in our own healing, healing multiplies and spreads through the web of life.  You might even be able to sense this for yourself once you turn your attention to it.

Our innate ability to heal ourselves is a power that each of us have at our disposal.  Just cut yourself and your body will grow new skin whether you think about it or not.  The responsibility to heal yourself and your own “stuff” is another matter.  It is incumbent for each one of us who wants to do some small part to save the world to pursue it.  Are you taking that power and responsibility seriously, or waiting for others to “fix” your multifaceted health and the greater problems faced by humanity?

“Alright, alright!  I want do my part,” you might say, “ so how can I go about healing myself?”  Start with the understanding that healing is a journey, not an event.  It’s not a one-time thing, but a process that can take a lifetime.  Now relax and let yours begin right now with taking a deep breath and letting it out with an audible sigh.  Just doing that will lower your blood pressure and clear your head and heart.  Then embark on the voyage by asking yourself what’s out of balance for you and how it got that way, accepting your hand in manifesting it without judgment.

Exercise your right to heal yourself.  Find out how you can help yourself do it.  This may take getting what may be a new kind of an education; learning about your own health.  You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home or spend a dime to do it if you have access to the internet, as there is an ever growing wealth of information available at the click of a mouse.  Study up on whatever “conditions” you have and look at all the choices as far as what you can do yourself or in partnership with a doctor or other practitioner to rebalance them.

Seek out expert advice from many sources and ask a lot of questions.  Look for the wisdom of others who have been “through it” and triumphed.  Trust your intuition as to what truth is.  When you find some things that look promising to help yourself, make a serious effort to employ them and give them time to work as you keep looking.  Avoid those who want to “fix” you as you sit idly by.  Instead of just money, invest yourself in your own healing.

Start with the cheap, easy, and benign stuff.  Meditation, exercise, dietary changes, and stress reduction can go a long way.  Take healing baths, or just sing in the shower.  Engage in your own guided imagery about how you want to feel and be.  Smudge yourself or use “energy medicine” exercises to clear your aura and energy systems of accumulated and intrusive energies.  Practice acts of awareness to expand your consciousness and raise your vibration.  You will see progress.

Commit to lifestyle changes that you know are healthier than the way you’ve been treating yourself.  Let go of keeping up with the Joneses and live your own kind of life, building in what works best for you in terms of balance between work and rest, giving and receiving, fun and seriousness, protein and carbs, organic and conventional—paper or plastic!

Take advantage of what Nature has provided for your healing.  Native American culture says that everything on this Earth was put here for our healing.  Not to commodify, abuse, disrespect, or destroy, but to accept the help of each plant, critter, stone, element, direction, or Spirit Being as given, with gratitude, reciprocity, and respect.  Go stand on tree roots and ground yourself.  Spend time in the sun and absorb Light.  Swim in healing waters.  Collect and eat medicinal and life sustaining plants.

Recognize that you are much more than your physical self and that the imbalances that are causing you the most pain and suffering are likely on deeper levels.  Learn how to tap into them and address them.  Find ways to connect with others for healing support, whether it’s through a healing or prayer circle, survivor’s group, or with a you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-massage-yours partner.

Get up and move in a healing direction in life.  Find out (or just remember) what energizes you and engage in it.  You’ll never know what doors will open for you until you try the handles.  Very few are actually locked.  Take a class, learn a craft, find a more satisfying job, or at least look into it.  Do service for others, be creative, find your own kind of joy no matter how silly it may sound to others.  You just may forget that you haven’t been feeling good.

Recognize that just by reading these words and turning your attention to the possibility of your own healing you have already started on that healing journey for yourself and our planet.  (Admit it:  Don’t you feel at least a tiny bit better already?)  Keep it up and you’ll notice that not only will you feel better, but so will those around you.  We call it “collateral healing”.  This shining energy will radiate from you even when you’re asleep, and plant seeds of healing into the minds and hearts of others through the web of consciousness that connects us.  Bon voyage!

About Brad Silberberg

Brad Silberberg, director of The Mesa Creative Arts Center in Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh area) is an artist, holistic healer, spiritual leader, and change agent.
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