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Heliospheres™ (Genesa Crystals)- Sacred Geometry Energy Structures

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Smaill Heliospheres™ (Genesa Crystals)
4 and 6- ring Heliospheres™ (Genesa Crystals) made in a variety of metals by artist and healer, Brad Silberberg

Heliospheres™ are spherical-shaped Sacred Geometry structures constructed from four or six equatorial rings that process subtle or etheric energy in various ways.  They can serve as “energy air conditioners”, taking in, clearing, and sending back out ambient environmental energies, or as trans-channeling tools to send or receive energy and “information” from higher realms.  Artist, healer, and energy sensitive, Brad Silberberg hand crafts our Heliospheres™ right in our Mesa Creative Arts Center workshop with the focused intention that they be dedicated to co-creating a better future for us all.

Back in the 1940's, American Dr. Derald Langham envisioned and worked with the 4-ring versions of these objects in Venezuela and named them "Genesa Crystals" (“Gene” for the cellular genes he was working with + “S.A.” for South American).  Dr. Langham was doing research into plant genetics and applying spiritual principles for Manifestation in the hopes of helping that country become self sufficient in food production when he constructed the spheres based on Sacred Geometry and the mathematics of cell growth.  He used them to help plants grow faster, bigger, and stronger through the spheres’ influence upon the rate of cell division and was successful in his goal of feeding a nation.

Based on channeled information, we believe these very familiar spheres to be re-emergent technology from ancient Atlantis where “Heliosphere” was the contemporary name for these subtle energy devices.  We were told they were called so because of the “heliotrope colored auric light they emitted through all of their openings” and their solar (Helios) energy source.

Heliospheres™ are happily here on Earth once again and they respond to people’s attention and intentions.  They seem to enjoy being outside and just "light up" energetically when placed out in the sun.  All Heliospheres™ have their own consciousness like rocks and crystals do but deal with energy in unusual ways.  As odd as it may seem, to us they are not just inanimate objects, but each have their own spirit and personality.  Each sphere responds to people directly and individually and will help them in specific ways.  They love to be handled, worked, and played with and greatly improve the energy in their environment.

Four ring Heliospheres™ have square and triangular openings formed between the rings.  They are attuned to amplifying your intentions for whatever you want to manifest just by being in your environment.  Intentionally programming them by "instructing" them in what to do increases their speed and effectiveness.  Just like quartz crystals, Heliospheres™ amplify unconscious intentions as well as conscious ones.  If you are negative around them, they may amplify that vibration as well.  As with all manifestation work, be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it!

Six ring Heliospheres™ (what some call "Pentaspheres") have triangular and pentagonal (five sided) openings between the rings which form a five pointed star pattern.  Six-ring Heliospheres™ have a higher and more refined spiritual energy and are inter-dimensional portals, bringing through information and knowing from higher consciousness.  They are also two way communication devices to connect with other realms and planes of existence, sort of like an inter-dimensional “phone booth".

Clearing and charging a quartz crystal in a Heliosphere™
Quartz crystal being cleared and charged in 7 inch diameter solid copper Heliosphere™

What do Heliospheres™ do?

Four ring Heliospheres™ process, clean, and rebalance the energy of indoor and outdoor environments, people, and for anything put inside of them.  The energies removed are completely transmuted or neutralized and the spheres themselves don’t need to be cleared.  They remove harmful "people energy" of all kinds, including emotional and mental negativity, conflict, and discord.  We put everything from thrift store buys to carryout food in them to clear out the energy of all previous owners or makers.  (The whole object doesn't have to fit inside, but it's better if it does.)  They clear (remove unbalanced, discordant, or scrambled energy) and charge up (restore vital energy to original or greater levels) things like rocks and crystals, water, food, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, and our very environment by renewing and refreshing their vital energies.  This occurs on a very deep structural level; the formational blueprint of matter.

We use our 4-ring Heliospheres™ to clear personal jewelry on a regular basis since precious metals and stones (especially diamonds) pick up harmful, unbalanced energies from our environment and even ourselves, store them up, and powerfully feed that energy back into our system unless periodically cleared.  It's just so much fun to clear someone's ring for them in a Heliosphere™ and have them find out how much lighter, clearer, and great to wear it feels afterwards.

One of our healing clients bought and sold estate jewelry for a living and sometimes kept pieces for herself.  She found herself not only affected by the energy of their previous owners, but energetically allergic to certain metals, especially white gold.  (She couldn’t keep that metal on her body for more than a few minutes without feeling so uncomfortable all over that she had to remove it.)  Even though she was still very skeptical about the concept of “subtle” or “spiritual” energy in general she would always ask to have her jewelry cleared during her therapy sessions.  Eventually, she bought one of our small Heliosphere™ for herself so that she could clear her jewelry before she put it on at home.  She even took her sphere with her when she traveled, to keep her jewelry cleared and in case she bought new pieces that she wanted to wear right away.

Some specific ways we use four ring Heliospheres™ for energy clearing and/or charging: (Leave objects inside of Heliosphere™ for from 5min to an hour or until you FEEL or intuit they are "done".)

  • Clear and charge rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, amulets, and "pocket rocks".
  • Clear and charge crystals (even "new" ones from the store) by placing them inside a Heliosphere™.
  • Clear and charge up water for making flower or gem essences; inside a Heliosphere™ if the bottle or bowl will fit, and on top of a triangle opening if they’re too big.
  • Increasing the energy and stability of flower and gem essences during manufacture by allowing essences to “ripen” inside of a Heliosphere™.
  • Clear and charge water for drinking.  (This is especially great to drink before a spiritual or healing session to activate every cell of your body.)
  • Clear and charge bells or tuning forks by ringing them inside of a Heliosphere™.
  • Clear and charge (or recharge) commercial or homemade flower essences, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, food supplements, etc. by placing them inside a Heliosphere.
  • Clear your body’s entire energy system by holding a Heliosphere™, putting your fingers inside one, or getting inside of a large sphere for 30 minutes or so.
  • Clear chakras by placing a Heliosphere™ right on them.
  • Clear your house, motel room, or workplace by putting a Heliosphere™ inside them with your conscious intent for clearing to occur.
  • Deepen meditation by sitting with eyes closed while holding a Heliosphere™.

Buddha in Heliosphere™ (Genesa)
Even Buddha enjoys Heliosphere™ energy

Heliosphere™ polarity

Heliospheres™ will radiate both male and female energy aspects, depending on which of their openings they are resting.  When a 4-ring sphere is set on a square opening, a feminine or "yin" energy is radiated.  The same is true for setting a 6-ring sphere on one of its pentagonal openings.  Placing a Heliosphere™ on one of its triangular openings results in a more masculine or "yang" energy.  We usually leave ours sitting on a square (4-ring) or pentagonal (6-ring) opening as we find this energy more comfortable and compatible for most uses.  Generally, we only use them on their triangle side when we want to clear and charge something that does not fit inside of them, (perching the object on top of the sphere) or we want to send out more of an outreaching energy.  Putting a small mirror inside of or under a Heliosphere™ (facing upwards and preferably covered on the back side with red paper or felt) has a doubling effect, greatly magnifying the sphere’s energy and effects.  Placing objects or photos into your Heliosphere™ will radiate out their energy into the environment after they have cleared, along with the sphere’s own energy.  For example, placing one or more quartz or other crystals inside will increase and "color" the energy radiated into the environment, while placing a Buddha statue inside radiates out “Buddha energy”.

What makes the energy of our Heliospheres™ different from other “Genesa Crystals”?

Other makers manufacture metal "Genesas" by overlapping the four rings, with each ring being forced over the previous ones.  This tends to greatly distort the geometry and energy of the spheres.  Some make them from strips of wood that are woven, where each ring crosses over and under as it intersects the others.  This is more in keeping with Dr. Langham's concept of these energy devices.  We have experimented with different methods of making these sacred geometry spheres and have found that they seem to have slightly different energies and functions.  We make our Heliospheres™ by interlocking the joints (like Lincoln logs) instead of overlapping or weaving so that the metal rings are perfectly round and all lie in the plane of surface of the sphere they comprise.  This more precise geometry increases their energy and focuses their intent, like the difference between a flashlight and a laser.

Each Heliosphere™ is made by Artist and Healer Brad Silberberg inside of an 8ft. diameter, six-ring sphere from start to finish, beginning with forming and joining each ring from solid rod stock.  Doing so prevents any ambient energies from entering the Heliosphere's™ energy matrix and also allows for the embedding of higher-dimensional energies from Source.  We make small spheres in a variety of metals, not just copper or brass.  Since all metals have their own energy vibration, we have made Heliospheres™ in aluminum, titanium, lead, silver, tungsten, tin, nickel, and steel, and combinations of metals, as well as copper and brass.

Most other makers only construct larger (1ft-4ft diameter) "Genesa Crystals".  These are great as "energy air conditioners" for gardens and large spaces.  While it’s good to have a large sphere for clearing large environments, (The larger the sphere the wider the range over which they work to clear energies.) they aren’t very portable.  Our 2-4 inch Heliospheres™ can fit easily in a purse or suitcase for travel.  We consider our small-sized Heliospheres™ "healer grade" as their precise craftsmanship makes their energy extremely coherent.  We make them from 2 to 12 inches in diameter and recommend them for use in hands on healing, meditation, and for clearing and energizing personal and healing items.  We use our Heliospheres™ in our Sound Healing and Crystal Healing work to clear and charge tuning forks and crystals between clients so that any emotional, physical, or mental energy they may have picked up from one client is removed before using them on the next, much the same way a hairdresser would sanitize combs and scissors.

Meditating in 8 ft. Heliosphere™ (Genesa Crystal)
Meditation is deepened and enhanced in 8 ft diameter Heliosphere™

What about a Heliosphere™ I can sit in?

While we make small (4 to 7 inch) six ring Heliospheres™, our favorite is our 8 foot diameter portable ones.  We make them in kit form from thirty, 5 foot segments of white 1/2" diameter plastic water pipe and they can be assembled/disassembled in minutes.  (With a little practice, one person can assemble or disassemble these spheres in 20 minutes.)  The coupled tubing construction follows Dr. Langham's concept of weaving the rings in and out as they intersect and the rather large diameter keeps the ring distortion to a minimum.  The hollow inside the tubes allows for placing crystals, prayers, charged water, or other energetic objects inside them to increase or modify the energy pattern of the sphere and makes them extremely lightweight.  (Two people can easily lift and carry them.)  The circular cross section of the tubes and the air inside also results in a different feeling energy than solid rod construction.  The addition of a mirror on the floor inside of any Heliosphere™ nearly doubles the energy inside of it (We use a 10 inch, eight sided one backed with red paper.) and greatly enhances its other properties.

The energy from one of these "gentle giants" is simply amazing. They're great for healing and meditation centers as well as personal use.  Ours have added greatly to the healing "feel good energy" of The Mesa Creative Arts Center and Mesa Healing Center and sends healing energy out to the surrounding community.  It’s big enough to

Reiki in Heliosphere™ (Genesa Crystal)
Reiki and other healings are enhanced in a Heliosphere™

accommodate a massage table, and healing work done inside of the Heliosphere™ proceeds with much greater power and effectiveness than outside of it as energy and intention are magnified inside the sphere.  Additional energies and benevolent Beings from the Higher Realms also frequently join in for the healings inside of the sphere.

One's energy field begins to be "processed" simply by entering the sphere and continues to be for as long as needed.  Even people who don't "feel energy" can sense that there is something different inside one of these big Heliospheres™.  To sit inside one is a truly spiritual experience that encourages and facilitates very deep states of meditation.  Very often, people feel something highly unusual happening when they sit quietly inside a six ring Heliosphere™.  They become aware somehow that they are getting spiritual knowledge from a higher plane put right into their Unconscious Mind.  Often it comes in the form of what we call a "download"; a package of information sent encapsulated and whole, as if an entire book were placed inside your mind in an instant to be processed and understood later.  People who are intuitive often get a general or even very precise sense of what it was they were given.

Brad Silberberg uses an 8 foot Heliosphere™ in The Mesa Creative Arts workshop as an "Energy Clean Room" in which to construct all of his healing and energetic “Tools for Transformation and Healing”.  There's a completely different energy inside of the sacred environment inside of Heliospheres™ that excludes ambient and harmful energy, heals negativity and imbalance, and amplifies conscious as well as unconscious intent.  (What better way to create energy tools than to have your intent for them to transform be magnified and intensified as you create them?)  Higher Spiritual sources regularly download special energies, information, and “knowing” into anything that is made inside of the six ring spheres.  Anything that is cut out, joined, or assembled in any way inside of a 6-ring Heliosphere™ is energetically reconfigured and becomes completely different energy-wise from a similar object made outside of the sphere.  Just disassembling a ball point pen and reassembling it inside our 6-ring Heliosphere™ changes its energy so dramatically that most people can feel the difference as they hold the pen before and after reconfiguring it.

Heliospheres™ will fit in your home
Heliospheres™ will fit in your retreat center or home

Get your own 8 foot, six ring Heliosphere™ Kit for only $500.00USD plus shipping.  To order yours, call 724-947-3097 or email us.  We also have some smaller 4 and 6-ring Heliospheres™ for sale.  Please call or email to check for price and availability.

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